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Issue 39: June 2024

A word from our editor

It’s full steam ahead for business in the region and as our latest edition of Insight magazine shows there is plenty of activity on many fronts.
From the remarkable Catalyst for Change event which highlighted all the activity in Stevenage to news of King’s Award winners and a bid to boost apprenticeships, it’s a time to be proud as everyone is working harder and smarter.
The launch of Invest Hertfordshire, also featured inside, is another sign that the future is bright, while we also had a nod to tradition with a special feature on the new High Sheriff of Hertfordshire Annie Brewster.
This, along with regular features from Longmores, HRJ Foreman Laws and Assynt makes Insight the number one business read for the region.
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Darren Isted

Darren Isted 
Editor Insight magazine


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