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biz4Biz provides a coherent voice for businesses in Hertfordshire. We aim to influence and shape policymaking and encourage investment in Hertfordshire by engaging with local and central government, relevant public sector bodies and local organisations to promote the county as a great place to live and do business.

biz4Biz has broadened its activities to represent the interests of businesses and people throughout Hertfordshire. Its networking, local government liaison and charitable involvement operations aim to benefit the residents, commuters, workers and business owners who contribute to Hertfordshire life.

biz4Biz is run by a board of directors who are all experienced business people working in Hertfordshire.

Our activities

biz4Biz is focused on supporting our members via:

  • The biz4Biz Insight magazine
  • Monthly Connexions networking meetings
  • Our glittering annual biz4Biz Awards

We also undertake numerous special events. Highlights include members trips to:

  • Parliament to meet MPs and government ministers
  • EU Parliament in Brussels
  • Jaguar cars to see a car built
  • McMullen & Sons brewers
biz4Biz visits EU

biz4Biz members in the EU Parliament in Brussels

A lively Brexit debate

In addition we have hosted numerous events of interest including Brexit debates and meetings with local political leaders on issues facing Herts-based businesses. Our Brexit debate featured Sir Oliver Heald arguing the UK should remain in the EU, whilst Peter Lilley argued the UK would be better off leaving the EU. The lively debate was attended by 80 local business people.

biz4Biz Brexit debate

biz4Biz Brexit debate with left to right
Sir Oliver Heald MP, Adrian Hawkins OBE, biz4Biz Chairman and Peter Lilley when he was still an MP

Speech Chef event

On 5 March 2020 Wayne Pike and Bob Ferguson came to offer a three-course meal and explain why writing a great speech is like cooking an excellent meal. The evening was kindly hosted by North Herts College Hitchin where the catering students lent their cooking skills to create a meal designed by Wayne Pike and Stewart Dunlop, Deputy Head of catering at the college. The students also worked front of house serving the food and drink. It was a great opportunity for them to experience a busy restaurant style service.

Speech Chef event biz4Biz

biz4Biz members enjoying the Speech Chef event.
The event was free for members as part of their membership package.

For more information read the Speech Chef blog about the event

Bim Afolami MP joined biz4Biz as a guest speaker

The COVID-19 pandemic and government lockdown prevented us from holding our usual Connexions meetings. However, on 13 August 2020 we embraced modern technology and held a Connexions meeting for members with Bim Afolami MP via Zoom. It was a lively debate.

For more information read the biz4Biz Connexions blog post about the event


Adrian Hawkins

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