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biz4Biz provides a coherent voice for businesses in Hertfordshire. We aim to influence and shape policymaking and encourage investment in Hertfordshire by engaging with local and central government, relevant public sector bodies and local organisations to promote the county as a great place to live and do business.

biz4Biz has broadened its activities to represent the interests of businesses and people throughout Hertfordshire. Its networking, local government liaison and charitable involvement operations aim to benefit the residents, commuters, workers and business owners who contribute to Hertfordshire life.

We have run business networking events with a diverse range of speakers including author Ken Follett, Nicola Horlick, founder and CEO of Money&Co, Sharon Taylor, Leader of Stevenage Borough Council, Kerry Craig from JP Morgan and local Members of Parliament including Bim Afolami, Grant Shapps, Peter Lilley and Sir Oliver Heald, plus numerous local business leaders.

biz4Biz is run by a board of directors who are all experienced business people working in Hertfordshire.

Our activities

biz4Biz is focused on supporting our members via:

  • The biz4Biz Insight magazine
  • Regular biz4Biz ConneXions networking meetings
  • Our glittering annual biz4Biz Awards Gala Evening
  • The Sustainability Biz Forum
  • Business coaching via our Peer-to-peer Network
  • Marketing services

We also undertake numerous special events for biz4Biz members. Highlights include trips to:

  • Parliament to meet MPs and government ministers
  • EU Parliament in Brussels
  • Jaguar cars to see a car built
  • McMullen & Sons brewers

Recent special events include:

  • biz4Biz Sustainability Conference
  • ConneXions Stevenage Regeneration lunch event

Read about a few of our successful events

£1 billion Stevenage Regeneration ConneXions lunch

Tom Pike, Deputy CEO at Stevenage Borough Council, on Stevenage Regeneration

Tom Pike, Deputy CEO at Stevenage Borough Council, speaking at the biz4Biz ConneXions lunch

ConneXions returned on Wednesday 27 April 2022 with a lunch event at the Novotel Stevenage. Our guest speaker was Tom Pike, Deputy CEO at Stevenage Borough Council, who gave a talk about the Stevenage Regeneration Project and what it means for residents and local businesses. Also present was Adrian Hawkins OBE, who is Chair of the Stevenage Development Board.

Over 60 people attended the event and enjoyed a delicious three-course meal and an opportunity to network, make new business contacts, and discuss issues of interest with like-minded business people.

Stevenage, which was the UK’s first New Town, is undergoing a 20-year, £1bn regeneration programme that will bring to life the benefits of living and working in the town. The regeneration project will restore Stevenage to its former glory by creating a new and vibrant place where people can live, work and play.

Read the regeneration event blog post

biz4Biz Sustainability Conference at Rothampsted Research

biz4Biz Sustainability Conference 2022

Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, speaking to conference

Over 170 senior business leaders and sustainability experts attended the recent biz4Biz Sustainability Conference at Rothamsted Research to explore how organisations can help drive the net-zero transition, and to get practical guidance on how to shape and finance their business’s net-zero strategy.

Sustainability is a significant driver of transformation in business. Businesses need to put more emphasis on sustainable practices rather than just focusing on the objectives of efficiency and productivity improvements.

Find out more at: biz4biz.org/sustainability-conference/

biz4Biz Zoom meeting with Bim Afolami MP

Bim Afolami talking to a lively audience on Zoom

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who attended the biz4Biz ConneXions Zoom meeting on the 13th August 2020, with particular thanks to our guest speaker, Bim Afolami, MP. We were able to collect over £300 for the NHS who have provided us all with incredible support over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Over the course of the meeting, Bim talked passionately about his plan for the future of Hertfordshire and in particular, his ideas to help SMEs recover from the unexpected but understandable downturn in the economy that has left so many businesses struggling.

Read more about the biz4biz Zoom meeting with Bim Afolami

Speech Chef event at North Herts College

Speech Chef event biz4Biz

biz4Biz members and guests enjoying the Speech Chef event.

On 5 March 2020 Wayne Pike and Bob Ferguson came to offer a three-course meal and explain why writing a great speech is like cooking an excellent meal. The evening was kindly hosted by North Herts College Hitchin where the catering students lent their cooking skills to create a meal designed by Wayne Pike and Stewart Dunlop, Deputy Head of catering at the college. The students also worked front of house serving the food and drink. It was a great opportunity for them to experience a busy restaurant style service.

For more information read the Speech Chef blog about the event

A lively Brexit debate

biz4Biz Brexit debate

biz4Biz Brexit debate with left to right
Sir Oliver Heald MP, Adrian Hawkins OBE, biz4Biz Chairman and Peter Lilley MP

biz4Biz has hosted numerous events of interest including Brexit debates and meetings with local political leaders on issues facing Herts-based businesses. Our Brexit debate featured Sir Oliver Heald arguing the UK should remain in the EU, whilst Peter Lilley argued the UK would be better off leaving the EU. The lively debate was attended by 80 local business people.

Hertfordshire business leaders confront EU red tape in Brussels

biz4Biz visits EU

Geoffrey Van Orden MBE MEP and biz4Biz members in the EU Parliament in Brussels

Have you ever wondered what actually happens within the walls of the EU parliament building in Brussels? A delegation of Hertfordshire business leaders decided to go and find out for themselves on a day trip to the European Parliament in Brussels.

At the European Parliament building we were given a brief history and background on how the EU works. This was followed by a question and answer session with Geoffrey Van Orden MBE MEP, the Conservative Member of the European Parliament for the East of England. Geoffrey Van Orden addressed many of the concerns raised at lunch including regulations and red tape, the cost of the UK’s EU membership, the proposed referendum on the UK’s continued membership.

The trip was an overall success and highlights the commitment of biz4Biz to represent and promote the interests of Hertfordshire’s businesses with local and central government in the UK and the EU.


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