Meet the Buyer

biz4Biz Events is proud to introduce specialist “meet the buyer” networking events which allow suppliers and buyers across defined market sectors to meet in a structured manner which is conducive to the formation of long-term, productive business relationships.

As well as informal networking opportunities, biz4Biz Events include a day of scheduled 20-minute meetings which are assembled according to the selections of buyers and suppliers in advance of the event. In this way, you can be assured of dedicated time with relevant contacts which may otherwise have taken months to research and diarise.

Our diarised events will be made available for the week commencing 22 April 2024 once we have assembled the BUYERS wishing to pre allocate their time slots.

The Smart Networking Choice

biz4Biz Events creates efficient, focused and enjoyable events for buyers and suppliers, matching demand with supply chain provision across specialist business areas.

  • Professional – our experienced team create professional events which work for our clients.
  • Focused – our events are specially focused on key buying areas and we work hard to ensure the optimum blend of attendees for each.
  • Personal – we’re a small team running a limited number of events so you can be assured of our personal attention.

Who are the 'Buyers'?

There will be a variety of Buyers, procurement managers, supply chain teams, all looking to place contracts with SMEs in the Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire regions.

Typically, public sector buyers and private sector primary contractors (Tier 1 Suppliers) will take the opportunity to attend this event.

Most will have new projects, contracts and supply chain opportunities and are looking to meet new suppliers that are relevant to bid for their contracts.

Who are the 'Suppliers'?

Typically, an SME business owner or sales/business development managers looking to meet with procurement decision-makers to find out more about upcoming contracts to bid for.

Looking to discover upcoming opportunities relevant to their business and in turn, pitch their product/services.

What Our Buyers Are Looking For

  • Consultancy & Staffing
  • Print & Events
  • Metalwork
  • Safety & Security
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Fit-out & Finishing
  • Marketing
  • Facilities
  • And much more!

Can You Afford To Miss It?

Save Time
Avoid cold calling, we provide direct access to buyers and sellers.
Save Money
Remove the cost of business development, meet multiple leads in one place.
Share ideas with others looking to develop their supply chains.
Keep Focus
Guarantee one-on-one appointments with an organised schedule.

Interested in booking a stand?

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