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Nurture Your Business to Grow Your Business

28th February 2024 online

Network with like-minded business leaders and listen to experts discuss the things that affect small businesses in the UK today.

The main presentation will be at 14:30.
Zoon opens at 14:20.


Calling all forward-thinking leaders! Prepare for a transformative experience with our exclusive webinar dedicated to empowering SME owners and senior managers in achieving unparalleled growth. In this immersive online session, you’ll gain access to the wealth of practical insights and strategies crafted to transform your business that are available with our Growth Coaching.

Why Attend?

  • Actionable Insights – Delve into practical and actionable insights that go beyond theory, providing tangible takeaways for immediate implementation.
  • Expert-Guided Strategies – Propel your company forward with guidance from seasoned experts who specialise in tailoring growth strategies to the unique challenges of SMEs.
  • Competitive Edge – Gain a competitive advantage by honing your strategic thinking skills and fostering a culture of innovation within your organisation.
  • Networking Opportunities – Connect with like-minded leaders, fostering valuable relationships, and expanding your professional network within the SME community.
  • Industry Success – Immerse yourself in a success-focused environment where you’ll gain the tools and inspiration needed to lead your SME to success within your industry.


Ready to turn your aspirations into tangible achievements? Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity. Secure your spot now to ensure you’re equipped with the in-depth knowledge and expert strategies needed to lead your SME to new heights of success. Sign up for our growth coaching webinar and embark on a detailed path to redefine your business landscape.

Our speaker

Katherine Bean biz4Biz Associate

Katherine Bean

Dr. Katherine Bean, Ph.D., is an accomplished business lecturer with a PGCE and a wealth of experience spanning various academic levels, from Foundation Degree to MBA and Engineering Masters courses. Her expertise extends beyond academia, where she has significantly contributed to business growth by refining processes, procedures, and market positioning strategies. She has contributed many new theories and business tools.

With a proven track record in the business sector, Dr. Bean’s coaching style reflects a perfect blend of authority and approachability. Known for her dry sense of humour, she creates an engaging and comfortable learning environment. Colleagues and students value her friendly demeanour, making her a sought-after mentor.

In the world of business coaching, Dr. Katherine Bean stands out for her deep understanding of organizational dynamics and her ability to identify avenues for improvement. Her coaching approach exudes approachable gravitas while maintaining a personable touch, fostering trust and collaboration.

Dr. Bean’s profile radiates importance, showcasing her commitment to education, business development, and the synergy between the two. As a mentor, she offers a unique blend of expertise, authority, and warmth, making her an invaluable guide for those navigating the complexities of academia and business with confidence and a touch of humour.

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Photo of Andy Murphy

Andy Murphy

Andy is a Masters level qualified executive & leadership coach and coach supervisor with over 25 years’ experience in leadership in the financial services industry. His enthusiasm for people development and love of coaching meant that he was chosen to help create the first internal coaching faculty for a major UK Bank in 2012, which provided a template for success which was copied across the organisation.

Understanding the need to facilitate change by bringing people together he is much sought after by senior leaders and their teams both on an individual and group basis who value his authentic, fun, inclusive and generative style. Passionate about leadership development and building a coaching culture, he provides bespoke development programmes, executive coaching and coaching supervision to coaching professionals to individuals on a one-to-one and group basis.

He lives in London and is a contributing member of the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.