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Over 170 senior business leaders and sustainability experts attended the recent biz4Biz Sustainability Conference at Rothamsted Research to explore how organisations can help drive the net-zero transition, and to get practical guidance on how to shape and finance their business’s net-zero strategy.

Sustainability is a significant driver of transformation in business. Businesses need to put more emphasis on sustainable practices rather than just focusing on the objectives of efficiency and productivity improvements.

Feedback from the conference was positive – many of those attending wanted more information and further events around the issue of sustainability and the path to Net Zero. biz4Biz has therefore created the Sustainable Biz forum – if you would like to be kept informed on forthcoming events or want further information on how to create a sustainable business simply register below.

Sustainability Conference event magazine

Sustainability Biz is a magazine we produced to support the biz4Biz Sustainability Conference. It is packed with information on the conference including profiles of the speakers and a range of articles on the key issues around sustainability and the path to Net Zero. 

We decided to print some Sustainability Biz magazines for the conference. The printing company, Face Communications, will plant trees here in the UK through the Woodland Trust. These native trees will, during their lifetime, mitigate the CO2 produced as a result of the paper and printing processes.

Click on the image below to read the Sustainability Biz Conference magazine.

Click on the cover to read the Sustainability Biz magazine

biz4Biz Sustainability Conference Video

biz4Biz Sustainability Conference Podcast

Reporting from the biz4Biz Sustainability Conference, held on 3rd March 2022 at Rothamsted Institute.

Sustainability Biz Forum

biz4Biz has launched the Sustainability Biz Forum. If you would like news, updates on relevant topics and access to events, please register below.

biz4Biz Secretariat: 0330 9002 777