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biz4Biz is a readership and membership-based organisation that aims to promote and support businesses in the UK. The organisation was founded in 2010 by a group of business leaders who recognized the need for a collective voice to represent the interests of businesses and biz4Biz aims to provide a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge, and to represent the interests of businesses to policymakers and other stakeholders.

Biz4Biz provides a range of knowledge and skills-based services to help your business start, scale up and survive. We offer a FREE Biz Assess service to provide any business owner advice and support with the direction of their business and this can require support in Cybersecurity, Core Skills coaching, business assessment tools, leading to the final positioning of your company in the market and eventually for sale. At any stage of your business development biz4Biz can be the support mechanism that you require for quicker and less painful development of your company.

There are several key issues driving the formation of biz4Biz and the organisation’s ongoing efforts to support businesses in the UK. These issues include:

  1. Access to Finance: One of the main issues facing businesses in the UK is access to finance. This issue has been exacerbated in recent years by the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses struggle to secure the financing they need to grow and expand their operations, and this can hinder their ability to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace. biz4Biz aims to address this issue by working with policymakers to develop policies that support business growth and by providing members with access to funding opportunities.
  2. Skills Shortages: Another key issue facing businesses in the UK is skills shortages. Many businesses struggle to find the talent they need to grow and expand their operations, particularly in key areas such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This can limit their ability to innovate and remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace. biz4Biz aims to address this issue by working with education providers and policymakers to develop training programs and initiatives that support the development of key skills.
  3. Brexit: The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has had a significant impact on businesses operating in the UK. Many businesses have faced uncertainty and disruption because of the decision, particularly those that rely on trade with the EU. biz4Biz aims to address this issue by providing members with the information and support they need to navigate the changing landscape of trade and business regulations in a post-Brexit world.
  4. Regulation and Compliance: Businesses operating in the UK are subject to a wide range of regulations and compliance requirements, which can be complex and time-consuming to navigate. This can place a significant burden on businesses, particularly smaller enterprises with limited resources. biz4Biz aims to address this issue by providing members with access to resources and support, that can help them stay compliant with regulations and reduce the burden of compliance.
  5. ConneXions & WebeXions Networking and Collaboration: biz4Biz recognises that networking and collaboration are essential for business success. The organisation provides members with opportunities to connect and collaborate with other businesses in the region, sharing knowledge and expertise that can help them grow and expand their operations. An issue shared is a problem halved.
  6. biz4Biz Awards: have for several years delivered the biz4Biz Awards programme and have invited well known hosts to support their events such as TV presenters, Michael Portillo, Eamon Holmes, Fiona Bruce, and Nicki Chapman. This popular Awards programme consistently attracts significant support from the business world.
  7. “Let’s Work Together”: A full range of marketing services across the 500,000 + readership nationally and eastern region dependant on up to 4 magazine titles.


In conclusion, biz4Biz aims to work with their members to provide an extensive range of services. By providing members with access to resources, support, and opportunities for collaboration, the organisation aims to promote the growth and success of businesses.

As a final incentive, all paying Members of biz4Biz enjoy FREE HR consultancy by phone with our partner Citation.