Financing My Business

In this article we explore the various methods of finance that exist within the UK market for Business to expand and grow. The UK has a well-established security structure and legal framework that is very supportive of Business to raise finance. That said, over the years there has been a marked increase in so called […]

The Advantages of a Bi-Monthly General Digital Magazine about Life in the East of England

Work experience in Hertfordshire biz4Biz

Introduction In the age of digital media, the way we consume information has undergone a significant transformation. While newspaper articles and web news pages offer real-time updates, a bi-monthly general digital magazine focusing on life in the East of England can provide unique advantages that cater to the region’s diverse interests and needs. This editorial […]

The Advantages of a Magazine Focusing on Business Sustainability in a Volatile World – Sustainable Biz

Introduction In a world grappling with numerous challenges such as inflation, pandemics, full employment, rising interest rates, war in Europe, increasing political instability, climate change, and fast-changing technology, the concept of business sustainability has become increasingly critical. A magazine that focuses on the sustainability of business offers unique advantages in such a volatile landscape. This […]

The Advantages of a General Magazine about Manufacturing: Embracing the Spectrum of Knowledge

Manufacturing Biz magazine from biz4Biz

Introduction In the realm of manufacturing, where innovation and diverse processes intertwine, the availability of information and insights plays a pivotal role in fostering growth and success. While specialist magazines focusing on specific aspects of manufacturing provide in-depth coverage, a general magazine encompassing a broad range of topics brings unique advantages and greater benefits to […]

Experience? Where do I Start?

Work experience in Hertfordshire

I have been happily and successfully involved in the Business world for many, many years and I often wonder why I chose the industry that I served and whether my life would have been different if I had gone in a whole new direction. The assessment of employment or even your life’s work is always […]

Promote your company with biz4Biz

Adrian Hawkins speaking at biz4Biz Connexions

biz4Biz ConneXions returns with a positive message for businesses After a tough few years that have been challenging for Hertfordshire-based businesses, biz4Biz ConneXions returned with an inspiring positive message of support at our first event of 2023 hosted by our new regular venue – Knebworth Barns. Over 80 businesspeople attended the event and listened to […]

The opposite of a low tax economy is

City of London UK economy

Being compared with only part of a salad was a little unfair on Liz Truss our shortest serving Prime Minister. As reality emerges from the Covid nightmare and the post Brexit light is cast across the United Kingdom, we appear less United than we once were as the stark reality of low productivity, the effect […]

Kami Kwasi Budget or Kwasinomics?

Kwasi Kwarteng mini budget

Some will say that the recent fiscal statement was nothing more than an ill conceived and rushed attempt at exciting the electorate and it must be said that it all appeared very much like a fire sale delivered by the Chancellor in just under 30 minutes. However, there is no doubt that Kwasi Kwarteng is […]

When the chips are down

I recently visited a National Trust property with a Victorian kitchen and was surprised to see how labour intensive the world was back then, especially in the clothes washing department of a major household. What a difference a modern washing machine makes to our wardrobe in keeping our clothes clean and colour fast and a […]

Mandatory arbitration process unveiled for commercial rent arrears

commercial property rent arrears

The government introduced its long awaited Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill (“the Bill”) and Code of Practice (“the Code”) on 9th November 2021 for issues relating to commercial rent arrears as a result of the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, in order to protect businesses forced to close during the pandemic, the government imposed […]