Where do I start with my Succession Planning?

Succession planning is somethings everyone should have in place for their business. At some point, we all need to hand it over to someone else. The question is, will you be ready?

The webinar I had the pleasure of presenting to the members of biz4Biz may help you.

Succession planning involves, amongst other matters, being able to answer these questions:

  • Have you appreciated how much of your wealth is tied up in your business?
  • Do you know how much income you will need in retirement?
  • Do you know if you are financially independent – your freedom point and why it is significant?
  • Do you know the difference between a successful and a significant business?
  • In the Workshop I reviewed these points and hopefully these will encouraged you to plan for your succession and to build a significant business.


I see too many business owners who have a view their business is worth more than the market is prepared to pay and are surprised when derisory offers are received, if at all. That is why I see so many advisers saying owners over estimation of value was the number one factor in failed transactions.

It is impossible to know where you are going without a base. To grow the value of your business will increase the options and make it more likely you can transition the business on your own terms.

When you have identified your personal, personal financial and business goals, then you have a clear target.

Once you have a target, it becomes easier to work towards it. The only way for this to happen is through planning.

Please listen to the webinar which is about 40 minutes long, by going to


First, why should you use my services?

I am here to help you move onto the next stage of your life. I help you to devise a plan to harvest the value of your business, so you have the funds to achieve your desire. Above all, I want you to realise that value and to move onto your next chapter.

Being tenacious is important in making this happen. I am here to help and to support you, the business owner.

So why am I still working?

  • I am naturally curious. I enjoy continuous learning. What’s going on in the market? Are there opportunities to cross-pollinate ideas?
  • It is also the joy of learning how a business works and how it makes money. It is also the pleasure of seeing the relief of the owner when the pressures are released.
  • I find the work challenging and it stretches me, therefore making it more interesting.
  • I once asked a client: “Why use me?” He replied: “I’ve only got one realistic go at this sale to get the best price. I cannot afford to get it wrong that is why I used an adviser such as you who specialises in selling businesses”.
  • I believe that as a business owner you work long periods of time and you deserve to receive something when you leave.
  • It’s fundamental to me that business owners should receive the best deal and that after it has been completed, I can look then in the eye and ask: “Is this the best deal we could have done?

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