COVID-19 - it won't happen to me

COVID-19 – it won’t happen to me

Covid19 is new and virulent. Six feet apart or six feet under, will become the new mantra. It has clearly demonstrated the fragility of mankind as we anxiously search for a vaccine and in the absence of which requires simple but also severe “social distancing”. We have no choice but to follow the government’s instructions to stay at home to ensure we stay alive, this epidemic is no joke and one wonders just how will all this end.

My friends in China, the epicentre of this crisis have sent me a link to a booklet on how to deal with the virus. Written by clinicians, it is clear that the Chinese have used military precision in dealing with the problem, least of all, building 1,000 bed hospitals inside 10 days. The shock to the west is that our populations will have a greater level of mortality as is being clearly demonstrated currently in Italy and the USA.

So how much better is our form of commerce in the west and does it really matter? The rules, which have been dispensed with in recent weeks, as the UK Chancellor issues four budgets to contend with the commercial concerns arising from the outbreak. The short answer is, it is not any better and is really less important at this very difficult time. Survival is critical, maintaining some comfort during lockdown and encouraging people to stay at home is what matters most.

However we must pay tribute to everyone in the NHS and the associated suppliers that cannot stay at home at this time as they are needed to support those that normally fall ill and/or suffer from the Covid19 virus. Their work is “essential” in providing patients the medical support needed to survive. We offer our heartfelt thanks to you all for your tremendous support at this difficult time.

Keep Safe, so that we can win this battle for humanity, together.

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