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All change at Westminster

There is the expression “keep your friends close and your enemies closer still” that must now haunt Boris Johnson as one by one, various headline grabbing MPs, lined up to deliver their resignations on a Monday and declare their interest in the Prime Ministers role on the Friday.

General Elections are won or lost by political parties, firstly by the choice of the personality at the top, their politics and promises to the people and then the local MP that carries the party consensus locally.

When a Prime Minister is overthrown by their political party, the essence of this decision should, in my humble opinion, be placed before the country once again and a general election called as a result. I fully understand the mechanism we are about to witness in times of a Prime Minister’s ill-health, but for what we have now seen, we should insist on the country making its decision once more.

The country will remember Boris for getting Brexit done and as a result being able to deliver life and economy saving vaccines 4-6 months earlier than the European Union. They won’t forgive him for Partygate or for the various untruths uttered by him at various times, which may have been due to wonton lying, poor recollection or simply poor advice.

We are now moving our country the “Mother of Democracy” to the least democratic situation ever by allowing a political party with some 358 MPs, to decide on the person that will be our new Prime Minister for the next 3 years, replacing the votes and the decisions of some 47,600,000 voters in the electorate.

The Tory party can decide who leads them next, but let the Country decide which party and leader takes the role of Prime Minister.

Adrian Hawkins OBE

About the Author
Adrian Hawkins OBE was awarded his honour by the Queen in the 2021 New Years Day Honours list for his services to business. A lifetime businessman, Adrian Chairs biz4Biz a business support organisation which he founded 15 years ago to create a business network in the Home Counties which is now reaching further nationally. Adrian is also, Chairman of Hertfordshire Futures (previously the LEP) and the Hertfordshire Futures Skills and Employment Board. Adrian is also Chairman of the Stevenage Development Board alongside biz4Biz. Adrian has 45 years’ experience in the world of business.

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