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Hertfordshire Local Skills Improvement Plan Survey

What is LSIP?

LSIP is a government-funded programme designed to bring together businesses and education providers to discuss the skills needed now and for the future. Organisations, particularly SMEs, will be given a much stronger voice in local skills planning with colleges, universities and other training providers.

The initiative will mean training provision is more responsive to emerging and changing skills needs and can be tailored to the challenges and opportunities most relevant to Hertfordshire. 

The aim is to strengthen links and increase collaboration between businesses and education and training providers.

Hertfordshire LSIP survey biz4biz
Hertfordshire Local Skills Improvement Plan

Who should get involved?

A joined-up approach from all stakeholders has the potential to benefit all businesses and future employees throughout the county and will mean that young people leaving college or university will be equipped with the right skills needed to work within Hertfordshire and support the county’s economy.

Businesses have been divided into ten sectors, and they are invited to participate in the survey and to attend the focus group.

The information they supply will help identify the skills needs for our county for the short, medium and long-term.

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